• Level One Certification | $1900

    Foundation Training is a comprehensive two-day program that spans approximately 4-5 hours each day, designed to introduce sound healing using a 3-5 Alchemy Bowl set. The curriculum includes the Science of Sound Healing, an Introduction to Alchemy Bowls, Music and Harmonics, Crystal and Alchemy Meanings, Adding Different Instruments to Your Sound Healing, Notes and Chakras, How to Lead a Sound Bath, and Spirituality and Intuitive Understanding. This training equips students with essential knowledge and skills to effectively and confidently begin their journey in sound healing.

  • Level Two Certification | $3900

    Advanced Alchemy and Harmonics Immersion is a three-day program, approximately 4-5 hours per day, that builds on the Level 1 Foundation Training and uses a 7-12 Alchemy Bowl set. The curriculum covers Advanced Techniques and Practices, Comprehensive Bowl Set Management, Specialized Applications, Ethical Considerations and Professional Standards, and Business and Marketing Strategies. Additionally, the certification cost may be applied towards the purchase of Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls, equipping students with advanced skills and professional knowledge for sound healing.

  • Training fees can be waived with the purchase of a minimum of 3 bowls for Level 1 and 12 bowls for Level 2.